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Zhe Zhi Huide shi Meili De
a) The Spider is ugly.
b) The butterfly is beautiful.
c) The car is expensive .
d) The news paper is cheap.

Pang de he shou de
a) Beautiful and ugly
b) Expensive and cheap
c) Fat and thin
d) Dark and Bright

Dahe xiao
a) Dark and Bright
b) Old and young
c) Beautiful and ugly
d) Big and small

Zhe liang jiache ting gui de
a) The News paper is cheap
b) The car is expensive
c) The spider is ugly
d) The Night is Dark

a) ax
b) ax
c) sx
d) xsa

a) fg
b) sdf
c) sg
d) sgv

a) sfgrwt
b) eg
c) e
d) e

a) e
b) e
c) g
d) g

a) rgtr
b) wrgt
c) ertg
d) rg

a) esh
b) seh
c) asehy
d) aeyh

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