U.S. History - Unit 9 (SSUSH19a) Question Preview (ID: 61044)

U.S. Entry Into World War II. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Similar to World War I, the U.S.:
a) stayed neutral at the beginning of World War II
b) immediately joined World War II
c) never got involved in World War II
d) ####

During the late 1930s, Congress:
a) passed a series of neutrality acts
b) allowed American businesses to help Germany and Japan
c) made secret trade deals with the Japanese Empire
d) impeached President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 1939 Neutrality Act permitted U.S. arms sales to other countries:
a) on a 'cash and carry' basis
b) who were members of the Allied Powers
c) who were members of the Axis Powers
d) ####

The only countries that could satisfy the requirements of the 1939 Neutrality Act were:
a) Great Britain and France
b) Germany and Italy
c) China and Japan
d) Belgium and the Netherlands

What was Franklin D. Roosevelt's opinion of the 1939 Neutrality Act?
a) FDR disagreed with the law.
b) FDR agreed with the law.
c) ###
d) ####

Which piece of legislation allowed the U.S. to lend equipment to any nation that was vital to defending the U.S.?
a) the Lend-Lease Act
b) the 1939 Neutrality Act
c) ###
d) ####

Beginning in the 1890s, Japan...
a) expanded its empire in the Pacific
b) became isolated from the rest of the world
c) was the largest supplier of oil in the world
d) ####

As the Japanese expanded across eastern Asia and the Pacific...
a) the U.S. sent its Pacific fleet to the Hawaiian Islands
b) the U.S. began sending resources to the Japanese government
c) the U.S. sent soldiers to China
d) ####

The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor occurred:
a) in December 1941
b) in August 1945
c) in May 1935
d) in January 1939

The Pearl Harbor attack killed:
a) approximately 2,400 Americans
b) approximately 500 Americans
c) less than 100 Americans
d) more than 7,000 Americans

How did the U.S. respond to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
a) The U.S. immediately joined World War II.
b) The U.S. passed the 1939 Neutrality Act.
c) The U.S. initiated the Lend-Lease Act.
d) ####

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