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If something is sufficient, it is:
a) inadequate
b) fulfilling
c) enough
d) timely

If something is relevant, it is:
a) false
b) trusting
c) enough
d) timely

Fallacious means:
a) facts
b) understanding
c) logic
d) false

credibility and ethics are foundations of this rhetorical appeal:
a) morose
b) ethos
c) cairos
d) pathos

what shape is the rhetorical situation molded around?
a) octagon
b) circle
c) triangle
d) hexagram

Using facts, statistics, data and reasoning, is an example of :
a) ethos
b) logos
c) intelligence
d) rationale

-The puppy thinks her name is 'stupid'- is an example of
a) Cruelty
b) pathos
c) hercules
d) logos

If you don't like avocado's, you're a horrible person- is an example of what type of reasoning?
a) fallacious
b) deductive
c) cognitive bias
d) inductive

If someone is reliable, they are:
a) compassionate
b) caring
c) trustworthy
d) loving

Inductive Reasoning is also known as _________________ logic
a) up top
b) down below
c) bottom up
d) roundabout

Why does the audience need to understand the purpose of any given argument?
a) To understand a topic
b) To continue the subjectivity of conversation
c) To know what to do with the information
d) To get to know the speaker

Why is it imperative to understand fallacious reasoning?
a) to understand politics, policies and politicians
b) to understand when people are lying to me
c) to understand flaws in people's reasoning
d) to understand why people think the way they do

Aristotle says that conversation requires three different things: ethos, pathos and logos. What do each of these three appeals signify?
a) rhetoric, reasoning, analysis
b) persuasion, ownership, fallacy
c) conversation, rhetoric, persuasion
d) text, author, audience

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