Unit 8 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 61037)

Unit 8 Vocabulary Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

to grow or thrive
a) flourish
b) decrease
c) catastrophe
d) abnormal

a violent attack
a) quench
b) onslaught
c) swerve
d) prudent

disobedient, rebelious
a) simultaneous
b) nub
c) insubordinate
d) evict

inclined to argue or debate
a) capsize
b) legible
c) pervade
d) disputatious

to establish by law
a) ordain
b) incentive
c) legible
d) simultaneous

a reason for doing something
a) legible
b) incentive
c) nub
d) disputatious

to spread throughout
a) capsize
b) remnant
c) pervade
d) evict

to get ahead of
a) swerve
b) quench
c) prudent
d) outstrip

a small part remaining behind
a) remnant
b) quench
c) swerve
d) insubordinate

to turn bottom up
a) simultaneous
b) capsize
c) evict
d) remnant

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