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What do we call stems which are flexible?
a) herbaceous
b) woody
c) big
d) bendable

Which nonvascular plants produce seeds?
a) none of them
b) all of them
c) only the tall ones
d) only the short ones

For a leaf to be __________________, it must have at least 2 leaflets.
a) compound
b) simple
c) complex
d) pretty

Which is NOT a characteristic of all plants?
a) green color
b) multicellular
c) plastids
d) cell walls

In an annual growth ring, what do you find?
a) springwood, summerwood and xylem
b) bark, roots, and leaves
c) grass, flowers and trees
d) leaves, stems and roots

Which list is a list of plant organs
a) leaves, stems, and roots
b) rhizoids, rhizomes, and xylem
c) phloem, fibers, and cork
d) bark, stems, and fronds

_____________________ plants do not contain xylem and phloem.
a) nonvascular
b) vascular
c) herbaceous
d) trees

Vascular plants are able to conduct __________________efficiently.
a) water
b) seeds
c) air
d) soil

Crosier is also called ______________________.
a) fiddlehead
b) drumstick
c) fiddlestick
d) pretty

Another name for sphagnum is__________________________
a) peat moss
b) dirt
c) grass
d) plants

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