Earth Science - Sem 2 - C Question Preview (ID: 610)

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Which air mass is the source of much of the precipitation in the central and eastern US?
a) mT
b) cP
c) mP
d) cT

On a weather map, which front is shown by a line with triangular points on one side?
a) warm
b) cold
c) stationary
d) occuluded

What type of front forms when the surface position of the front does not move?
a) warm
b) cold
c) stationary
d) occluded

Along which type of front is the intensity of precipitation generally heavy, but short lived?
a) warm front
b) cold front
c) stationary
d) occluded

What is the first sign of an apporaching warm front?
a) stratus clouds
b) cirrus clouds
c) nimbostratus
d) cumulus clouds

Which front produces several hours of light to moderate precipitation over a large region?
a) warm front
b) cold front
c) warm AND cold fronts
d) none of the choices are correct

The greatest number of thunderstorms occur in the
a) middle latitudes
b) tropics
c) moutains
d) high latitudes

Heat and moistue are distributed around Earth by
a) precipitation
b) global winds
c) rain shadows
d) transpiration

What do plants release during transpiration?
a) pollen
b) water vapor
c) carbon dioxide
d) complex sugars

Which type of climate has no winters?
a) humid tropical
b) dry
c) polar
d) highland

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