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After David's death...
a) Solomon becomes king of Israel and builds a magnificent temple
b) Elijah becomes king of Israel and builds a magnificent temple
c) The Israelites realized that they should not have kings anymore
d) The Israelites decide to take a break from having a king for 5 years

Why did God give Solomon great wisdom?
a) Solomon obeyed God's laws.
b) Solomon asked God for wisdom.
c) Solomon was extra dumb and God saw that he needed wisdom.
d) He didn't. Solomon is known as an unwise king.

What Book of the Bible did Solomon write?
a) Psalms
b) 1 Kings
c) Lamentations
d) Proverbs

What caused Solomon to be led astray?
a) Foreign wives
b) Unwise friends
c) Rabid animals
d) Ancient writings

After Solomon died...
a) Rehoboam becomes king
b) Rehoboam gets in a fight with Jeroboam
c) Israel splits into two parts
d) all of the above

What genre is I and II Kings?
a) Poetry
b) Wisdom
c) History
d) Prophecy

Which is true?
a) Disobedience brings blessing and obedience brings judgement
b) Obedience bring blessing and disobedience brings judgement
c) May showers bring June flowers
d) Dad brings the heat and mom brings the sweet

God speaks through...
a) Kings
b) Donkeys mostly
c) Prophets
d) Fortune tellers

Who is the audience of I and II Kings?
a) Forest animals
b) The Israelites
c) The Gentiles
d) The Pharisees

Why does God punish us?
a) He knows His way is best for us and wants us to protect us.
b) He knows it's exactly what we deserve.
c) He knows our parents don't catch everything, but he does.
d) He doesn't punish us.

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