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What is cruise in Spanish?
a) crucero
b) autobus
c) carro
d) moto

What is car in Spanish?
a) autobus
b) auto
c) tren
d) avion

What is train in Spanish?
a) casa
b) pantalones
c) tren
d) bicicleta

What is airplane in Spanish?
a) tren
b) crusero
c) barco
d) avion

What is ship in Spanish?
a) crucero
b) barco
c) motocicleta
d) bicicleta

What is bicycle in Spanish?
a) motocicleta
b) bicicleta
c) bicicleta
d) carro

What is car in Spanish?
a) carro or auto
b) motocicleta
c) crucero
d) tran

What is motocycle in Spanish?
a) auto
b) motocicleta
c) autobus
d) bicicleta

What is bus in Spanish?
a) buso
b) auto
c) carro
d) autobus

what is the meaning in Spanish of ' what do you ride to church?
a) en que vas a la iglesia?
b) en que vas al iglesia?
c) en que vas al aeropuerto?
d) en que vas al supermercado?

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