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The Modernist Movement was a change in American:
a) art
b) literature
c) music
d) dance

The Harlem Renaissance developed from:
a) African-American culture
b) Native American culture
c) the culture brought by European immigrants
d) the culture brought by Asian immigrants

The banking panic of the early 1930s:
a) caused millions of Americans to go bankrupt
b) led to the opening of thousands of new banks
c) helped Herbert Hoover win re-election as president
d) only affected the wealthy

Prohibition occurred due to __________... while women got the right to vote with __________.
a) the 18th Amendment; the 19th Amendment
b) the 18th Amendment; the 21st Amendment
c) the 19th Amendment; the 21st Amendment
d) the 21st Amendment; the 22nd Amendment

As Americans stopped purchasing as many goods during the Great Depression, it led to:
a) underconsumption
b) overconsumption
c) ###
d) ####

The 1920s was time in which millions of Americans began borrowing money... called:
a) consumer credit
b) investing
c) saving
d) spending

Karl Marx believed:
a) that a final revolution would occur between the working class and the ruling class
b) that the Bolsheviks should take control of the U.S.
c) that capitalism was an acceptable economic system
d) the ruling class should dominate the working class

How did Herbert Hoover react to the beginning of the Great Depression?
a) He was reluctant to get involved.
b) He quickly addressed the recession.
c) ###
d) ####

During the 1920s, the radio and movies had a unifying force on:
a) national culture
b) capitalism
c) the Red Scare
d) the federal government

A new era of mass media began...
a) after World War I
b) before World War I
c) during World War I
d) during the Great Depression

The Red Scare led to...
a) tighter restrictions being placed on immigration
b) an expansion of the Socialist Party of America
c) an increase in immigration
d) many socialists being elected to political offices

During the Great Depression, Americans bought less goods. This led to:
a) underconsumption
b) overconsumption
c) ###
d) ####

Socialist ideas were commonly found in the labor union known as:
a) the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
b) the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
c) the Committee of Industrial Organization (CIO)
d) ####

Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were major pieces of:
a) the Jazz Age
b) the Modernist Movement
c) the Red Scare
d) the 18th Amendment

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