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What energy transformation occurs if a person cranks a handle it causes a lightbulb to turn on?
a) mechanical -- electric
b) nuclear -- thermal
c) kinetic -- potential
d) electric -- mechanical

This type of energy uses falling/ running water to generate electricty.
a) wind
b) geothermal
c) fossil fuels
d) hydroelectric

On a roller coaster, where is maximum kinetic energy?
a) At the bottom of a big hill
b) When going around a corner
c) When going upside down
d) At the top of a big hill

On a roller coaster, where is maximum potential energy?
a) At the bottom of a big hill
b) When going around a corner
c) When going upside down
d) At the top of a big hill

What kind of energy is represented by food?
a) Thermal
b) Chemical
c) Sound
d) Nuclear

When plants convert the sun's energy into food, which type of energy is it?
a) kinetic
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) radiant

A battery converts what type of energy to another?
a) sound to kinetic
b) light to heat
c) mechanical to electrical
d) chemical to electrical

Energy of motion is which type of energy?
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Sound
d) Gravitational

A marble at the top of a ramp has ______, because at any moment it can move down the ramp.
a) stored energy
b) heat energy
c) collision energy
d) light energy

Where does the energy to cook the s'mores come from in Dr. Jeff's video?
a) an oven
b) the sun
c) electricity
d) an oven

Which of these is not a way to transfer energy from place to place?
a) sound
b) heat
c) light
d) vision

Explain how Dr. Jeff provides energy to make the singing fish work.
a) The fish is connected to a solar cell that is powered by light.
b) The fish runs off batteries.
c) The fish is connected to a hidden cord that is plugged in to the wall.
d) Jeff is a ventriloquist. It is really him talking, not the fish.

The electrical outlet in your home is connected to which of these?
a) a gas station
b) a power plant
c) a dam
d) the sun

Batteries store energy as ____________ energy.
a) chemical
b) motion
c) solar
d) electrical

What form of energy is being converted to electrical energy with Dr. Jeff's bike?
a) light
b) motion
c) sound
d) heat

Which of these might spin a generator at a power plant to produce electricity?
a) wind
b) water
c) steam from burning coal
d) all of these

What is the ability to work called?
a) electricity
b) generator
c) transfer
d) energy

Electricity transfers _________ from place to place.
a) energy
b) matter
c) none of these
d) both of these

What energy transformation occurs when I eat food it gives my body the energy to run.
a) nuclear -- thermal
b) chemical -- mechanical
c) mechanical -- chemical
d) thermal -- nuclear

A generator PRODUCES energy.
a) True
b) False

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