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Your voice is music to my ears. The metaphor music to my ears means:
a) Your voice is pleasing to me.
b) Your voice upsets me.
c) Your voice is hoarse.
d) Your voice isn't load enough.

Mike drives too fast and is a road hog. The metaphor is a road hog means:
a) Mike eats too much in his car.
b) Mike likes driving so much he doesn't let anyone else drive his car.
c) Mike drives all over the road and doesn't share the lanes.
d) Mike's car is messy because he never cleans it.

The dripping faucet is grating on Jessica's nerves. The metaphor grating on means:
a) The dripping faucet is annoying Jessica.
b) The dripping faucet is calming Jessica's nerves.
c) The dripping faucet is hurting Jessica's skin.
d) The dripping faucet stopped.

When it comes to bugs, Ben is a walking encyclopedia. The metaphor is a walking encyclopedia means:
a) Ben is trying to learn something about the subject at the library.
b) Ben doesn't know much about the subject.
c) Benis making up information about the subject.
d) Ben knows a lot of information about the subject.

Trent's head was spinning after class thinking about everything he had to learn for the MAP test. The metaphor head was spinning means:
a) Trent's vision was blurry from looking at the board for too long.
b) Trent was confident he knew everything.
c) Trent was feeling confused.
d) Trent is upset that he has to take the MAP test.

Ezekiel kept his thoughts bottled up inside because he was shy. What does the metaphor bottled up inside mean?
a) He spoke a lot.
b) He wasn't very smart.
c) He kept his opinions to himself.
d) He kept telling everyone what he thought.

the chicken patty became a rock in my stomach by the time recess ended. What does the metaphor rock in my stomach mean?
a) The chicken patty had rocks in it.
b) I ate rocks at the same time I ate the chicken patty.
c) The chicken patty made me hungrier.
d) The chicken patty made my stomach hurt.

Kaiser's eyes are beams of light every time he watches the superhero show. What does the metaphor beams of light mean?
a) Kaiser's eyes showed that he was excited and happy.
b) Kaiser's eyes showed that he was a villain.
c) Kaiser's eyes hurt from watching too much tv.
d) Kaiser's eyes needed glasses to help him see the tv.

Rick was a skunk for treating his classmate so poorly. what does the metaphor was a skunk mean?
a) Rick smelled bad.
b) Rick was popular and had many friends.
c) No one wanted to play with Rick because of what he did.
d) Rick had to research skunks for his paper.

The night is growing old and I still have so much homework to do. What does the metaphor night is growing old mean?
a) It was getting late.
b) It was early.
c) There was still plenty of time.
d) The sun was about to come up.

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