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Central American is an _____________, or a strip of land with water on both sides that connects two larger bodies of land.
a) isthmus
b) peninsula
c) island
d) continent

The isthmus is divided by the ___________________, a human-made trade route between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
a) Great Canal
b) Hudson Ship Canal
c) Panama Canal
d) Erie Canal

To the east of Central America are the _______________ and hundreds of islands.
a) Gulf of Mexico
b) Caribbean Sea
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Gulf of Honduras

Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola are the _________ Caribbean islands.
a) smallest
b) poorest
c) richest
d) largest

Many smaller islands were formed by_____________.
a) volcanoes
b) fossils
c) parts of tectonics
d) clay

The Caribbeans's' highest peak is __________________ in the Dominican Republic.
a) Volcan Baru
b) Pico Duarte
c) Santa Maria
d) Cerro Chirripo

In______________, the Cordillera Central mountain range divides the western and eastern parts of the country.
a) Honduras
b) El Salvador
c) Panama
d) Costa Rica

_________________________ in Guatemala is perhaps the most active volcano.
a) Santa Ana Volcano
b) Volcan Tajumulco
c) Arenal Volcano
d) Volcan de Fuego

_______________ are common in Central America and the Caribbean.
a) Hurricanes
b) Earthquakes
c) Tsunamis
d) Tornadoes

Warm east winds called the __________________ bring rain to the region.
a) trade winds
b) Coastal winds
c) Pacific winds
d) Atlantic winds

Higher areas such as the Central American highlands have a ________________ and _________________.
a) wet-cold seasons
b) wet-hot seasons
c) dry-rainy seasons
d) dry-hot seasons

The Central American highlands have a relatively _________________________.
a) light popultion
b) poor
c) rich
d) dense population

Caribbean countries have generally ___________________________.
a) lower elevations
b) above sea level
c) higher elevations
d) below sea level

Most people in Central America live in the highlands because of the _______________ highland climate.
a) dry,warm
b) wet,warm
c) dry,cool
d) wet,cool

_______________________ cover most areas that have not been cleared of trees.
a) Tropical rain forests
b) Tropical grasslands
c) cloud forest
d) subtropical

_____________________ have formed in regions where people have cut down rainforests.
a) cloud forest
b) subtropical
c) Tropical rain forest
d) Tropical grasslands

Most Caribbean islands are surrounded by an underwater ecosystem known as ________________.
a) cloud forest
b) coral reef
c) bauxite
d) commerce

Over time, coral reefs become large underwater islands that are home to a wide variety of tropical fish and other marine life called ______________.
a) bauxite
b) coral reef
c) biodiversity
d) global warming

Some scientists believe that the change of hurricanes becoming stronger and more frequent is due to higher air and sea temperatures, also known as climate change, or ________________________.
a) greenhouse gasses
b) fossil fuels
c) renewable energy
d) global warming

Due to the countries in Central America and the Caribbean relatively ________ sizes, these countries have few natural resources.
a) comparable
b) medium
c) large
d) small

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