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What defines denstiy?
a) Shape of mass
b) Volume of a shape
c) Amount of mass in a volume
d) length

What is formula for density?
a) D= MxV
b) D=M/V
c) D-=M=+V
d) D=LxWxH

Why does oil float on water
a) it is less dense than water
b) It is more dense than water
c) Same as water
d) none of above

What is density of water?
a) 2 g/ml
b) .5g/ml
c) 1 g/ml
d) 0 g/ml

Which would float on water
a) apple density = 0.7 g/ml
b) rubber density 1.2 g/ml
c) iron density 7.8 g/ml
d) none would

If you have 25 ml of water what will the mass be?
a) 17.5 g
b) 25 g
c) 50 g
d) 0.0 g

If you have 2 pieces of copper and one is larger what will be true about density
a) larger piece more dense
b) smaller piece less dense
c) Both will be the same
d) Smaller one will have more volume

Liquid more dense than water?
a) oil
b) gas
c) Alcohol
d) salt water

Formula to find volume of rectangular prism
a) D= MxV
b) V= LxWxH
c) V= L+W+H
d) V= LxW/H

Method to find volume of irregular shape items.
a) Water spills
b) matter displacement
c) Water levels
d) water displacement

Atoms of more dense matter has
a) more compact atoms that have greater mass in smaller space
b) more space betweeen atoms
c) Smaller atoms that have less mass
d) fewer atoms in large space

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