Earth Science - Sem 2 - B Question Preview (ID: 609)

Earth Science Semester Exam. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Most of the fogs are the result of which of the following?
a) radiation cooling
b) the movement of air over a cold surface
c) orographic lifting
d) radiation cooling AND movement of air over a cold surface

In which of the folloiwng processes do freezing nuclei play a role?
a) Bergeron process
b) Collision coalescence process
c) Bergeron Process AND Collision Coalescence process
d) none of the answers offered

What type of cloud is associated with hail
a) cirrocumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) nimbostratus
d) altostratus

The force exerted by the air above is called
a) air pressure
b) convergence
c) Coriolis effect
d) divergence

What is the ultimate energy source for most wind
a) Earth's rotation
b) Earth's revolution
c) Solar radiation
d) Tides

Air subsides in the center of a(n)
a) low pressure system
b) high pressure system
c) jet stream
d) area of surface convergence

The deserts of the Sahara and Australia are associated with the
a) equatorial low
b) subtropical high
c) sub polar low
d) polar high

A sea breeze usually originates during the
a) evening and flows toward land
b) day and flows toward land
c) evening and flows toward water
d) day and flows toward water

Maritime are masses fformed
a) over land
b) over water
c) only in winter
d) only in summer

Which air masses have the greatest effect on weather condition in much of the US?
a) cP and mT
b) mP and cP
c) mP and cT
d) mT and cT

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