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Which city had an Interest in art that led to the Renaissance? It was also the main banking center of Europe.
a) Venice
b) Paris
c) Florence
d) Wittenberg

The Medici used their vast wealth to serve as early patrons for Renaissance art.
a) true
b) fasle

Renaissance art Increased DID NOT use realism to depict the human form
a) true
b) false

WHat happened after Ideas of the Renaissance spread to Northern Europe?
a) A Marco Polo travels to China
b) B Henry V defeats the French at Agincourt
c) C Leonardo da Vinci invents movable type printing
d) D William Shakespeare writes many poems and plays

WHo sculpted the Statue of David?
a) A Donatello
b) B Michelangelo
c) C Jan van Eyck
d) D Leonardo da Vinci

Who Painted a mural depicting the last meeting of Jesus and his disciples - “The Last Supper”
a) A Raphael
b) B Michelangelo
c) C Leonardo da Vinci
d) D Filippo Brunelleschi

Thomas Aquinas wrote about having a balance between faith and reason. What is this called?
a) secularism
b) humanism
c) realism
d) individualism

Who Introduced a new style of poetry by developing the blank verse?
a) A Thomas Aquinas
b) B Leonardo da Vinci
c) C Lorenzo de Medici
d) D William Shakespeare

Who was • Patron of the arts and humanism • Ruled Florence • Banking
a) A Leonardo da Vinci
b) B Henry V
c) C Cosimo de Medici
d) D Pope Urban II

WHo said “Faith has to do with things that are not seen, and hope with things that are not in hand.”
a) A Michelangelo
b) B Thomas Aquinas
c) C Leonardo da Vinci
d) D William Shakespeare

Renaissance art was characterized by the A increase in religious subject matter. B concern for the human form and realism. C abandonment of painting in favor of sculpture.
a) A increase in religious subject matter.
b) B concern for the human form and realism.
c) C abandonment of painting in favor of sculpture.
d) D focus on scenes of nature over all other subject matter.

Which statement is true of Petratch and humanism?
a) A difficult studying the classics can be.
b) B humanism sparked a revival of interest in the classics.
c) C great artwork appeared in ancient texts that deserved attention.
d) D teachers considered poetry and philosophy the most important topics to study.

Which Humanistic point of view represents a main philosophy of the Renaissance?
a) A The glorification of human beings is sinful.
b) B Art should be studied above all other subjects.
c) C Religious doctrines should be the focus of study.
d) D Greek and Roman civilizations are worthy of study.

Humanism during the Italian Renaissance was most focused on
a) A new political theories
b) B writing of church laws.
c) . C the importance of the individual.
d) D the desire to increase personal wealth.

What happened after More and easier trade allows prices of goods to drop
a) A Warfare breaks out between Europeans and the Mongols.
b) B Europeans adopt cultural beliefs and practices of China
c) C Demand for luxury goods increases in Europe.
d) D Goods manufactured in Asia decrease.

The Renaissance began in the Italian city-states largely because of geography.
a) merchants traveling across Europe
b) soldiers conquering parts of Europe
c) kings making new laws across Europe
d) monks starting up new churches in Europe

In which two ways did the Medici family help city of Florence become one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in Europe?
a) trade
b) banking
c) both are correct

Which statement about the Renaissance is accurate?
a) The Renaissance failed to develop new political ideas.
b) The Renaissance began in Northern Europe due to its vast resources.
c) The Renaissance was purely motivated by changes in art and architecture.
d) The Renaissance began in the Italian city-states largely because of geography.

Reasons the Renaissance Began in
a) Italian city-states increased their trade and wealth
b) Competition between city-states leads to better art work
c) The ruins of ancient Rome reminded the people of the accomplishments in their past
d) All our correct

the location of the Italian Peninsula and the trade routes made the city states so wealthy.
a) true
b) false

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