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T or F: Prescription drugs should not be taken by pregnant women unless totally necessary
a) T
b) F

Which term describes a condition that is present at birth?
a) prenatal
b) congenital
c) neural
d) fetal

Ideally, women who are thinking of becoming pregnant should start taking a prenatal vitamin
a) after they find out they're pregnant
b) before they start actively trying to get pregnant
c) after they have their baby
d) once they start breastfeeding

Folic acid
a) is a toxic chemical that should be avoided during pregnancy
b) causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
c) helps form baby's neural tube and can help prevent spina bifida and anencephaly
d) is found in foods that are high in sugar

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome impacts children
a) for their entire life
b) only during their first year of life
c) only while in their mother's womb
d) positively

Pregnant women should avoid
a) soft cheeses
b) raw meat
c) lunchmeat
d) all of the above

Babies whose mothers are addicted to drugs will most likely be born
a) on their due date
b) with a condition known as preeclampsia
c) addicted to those same drugs
d) with higher birth weights

A condition caused by maternal alcohol consumption that results in fetal abnormalities is
a) Varicella
b) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
c) Spinibifida
d) Gray's Syndrome

Which of the following can be harmful to unborn babies?
a) xrays
b) chemicals
c) certain maternal diseases and infections
d) all of the above

Preganant women should never have ANY
a) caffeine
b) alcohol
c) eggs
d) fish

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