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Who was Hitler?
a) Superman
b) The leader of all the nazis
c) A war hero
d) A infamous nazi

Why is Schindler important?
a) He saved some jews
b) World's worst Nazi
c) He helped America in the war
d) He was Hitler's father

Who was the
a) Dr. Mengele
b) An unknown Jew
c) Schindler
d) Hitler

What did Dr. Mengele do?
a) Fought off the Nazis
b) He did experiments on jews bodies
c) He helped save Jews
d) He was Hitlers bestfriend

Who was one of the worst woman Nazis?
a) Oprah
b) Cleopatra
c) Irma Grese
d) Medusa

Who was Himmler?
a) Hated all people not just Jews
b) Nazi general of Auschwitz
c) Made missions
d) Took blame for Hitler

What did Irma Grese do?
a) Cut off the Jews skin and used it to make lamp shades, couches, etc....
b) She was Mengele's lover
c) She was a space cowboy
d) She baked cakes for hitler

What type of person did Mengele like to experiment on most?
a) Twins
b) Blacks
c) Old Men
d) Hitler

What did the Jews in the camps wear?
a) Naked
b) Dresses
c) Striped Pajamas
d) Just boxers

How did the Nazis torture the Jews?
a) Made them listen to Hitlers problems
b) Many different horrifying ways
c) Just with the gas chambers
d) By setting them on fire

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