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The health continuum is used to show
a) the three sides of total health
b) strategies for improving mental health
c) the symptoms of many common chronic diseases
d) a complete range of health from loss of health to a high level of wellness

Good total health can best be achieved by
a) focusing most of your time on physical health
b) spending large amounts of time talking on the phone with friends
c) paying attention to all three sides of the health triangle

A positive outlook is a characteristic
a) of individuals with good mental and emotional health
b) of most individuals who make poor decisions about health
c) that indicates good physical health
d) that is not important to total health

What are the three main components of health?
a) physical, social, and spiritual
b) physical, social, and mental
c) physical, social, and mental/emotional
d) physical, spiritual, and mental

Which of the following would have the least impact on physical health?
a) eating nutritious foods
b) getting plenty of sleep
c) taking part in regular physical activity
d) communicating well with others

A triangle is the shape used to represent the components of total health.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following behaviors would have a negative impact on an individual's total health?
a) making responsible choices
b) taking responsibility for their actions
c) avoiding tobacco
d) showing disrespect to other students

Having fun with friends mostly impacts your social health
a) True
b) False

Acquiring a chronic disease moves an individual to a lower level of wellness.
a) True
b) False

Being mindful of your whole health will
a) make life more challenging
b) help you get good grades
c) help keep your health triangle in balance

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