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When two objects have different electric charges, they
a) start a fire
b) push apart
c) pull together
d) fall to Earth

The purpose of insulation on an electric wire is to
a) make the electric current stay on its path
b) heat the wire and generate energy
c) resist the flow of electricity and light up
d) close the circuit and make electricity flow

Which of these substances is the best conductor of electricity?
a) air
b) rubber
c) plastic
d) metal

Electric current will flow through a circuit as long as the
a) switch is open
b) charges are equal
c) path is unbroken
d) wires are insulated

Which statement about a parallel circuit is correct?
a) Each appliance or light has its own electrical path.
b) If one bulb is removed, the circuit will not work.
c) The power source is always an electromagnet.
d) Only one appliance or light may be used at a time.

Frayed or broken insulation is dangerous because it can
a) prevent electricity from flowing
b) turn a parallel circuit into a series circuit
c) cause the power to be cut off
d) cause a fire or electric shock

A magnet is anything that
a) has positive and negative charges
b) can pull iron and steel toward it
c) can create electricity
d) is present in the earth's crust

If a magnet is allowed to swing freely, the north-seeking pole will point
a) up
b) down
c) north
d) south

The northern lights are caused when
a) the earth's magnetic poles change places
b) charged particles form a pattern around the earth's magnetic poles
c) electric power is generated from nuclear energy
d) the sun's energy becomes too intense and burns the forests in the far north

Electric current can be generated by
a) harnessing the magnetic energy in the earth's atmosphere
b) attaching a compass to a lodestone
c) sliding a magnet back and forth through a coil of wire
d) capturing the flow of electricity with a meter

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