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What native woman helped guide the Louisiana Purchase expedition?
a) Pocahontas
b) Waterlily
c) Crazy Horse
d) Sacagawea

What famous Duo explored the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Lewis and Greg
c) Clark and Max
d) Lewis and Clark

What president got the Louisiana Purchase?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) Andrew Jackson

What did the Louisiana Purchase do for the United States?
a) added a huge army
b) added a huge chunk of land
c) lost a bunch of land
d) added land in other Continents

A deserted town.
a) homestead
b) boomtown
c) Deserted town
d) ghost town

Gave pioneers free land
a) Gold Rush
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Treaties
d) Homestead Act

During the gold rush, towns would spring up almost overnight at places where gold was discovered.
a) ghost town
b) Gold Area
c) boomtown
d) Homestead

Wild, untrained horse
a) Bronco
b) clydesdale
c) Donkey
d) Dragon

This was a belief that God had called the people to move West.
a) Manifest Destiny
b) A Calling
c) God's Plan
d) Divine Right

A famous trail from the middle of the country to the Pacific Ocean
a) California Trail
b) Rocky Mountain Trail
c) Oregon Trail
d) Washington Pass

A mail system in which the mail was delivered by riders on horses
a) Morse Code
b) Pony Express
c) Young Riders
d) Revere's Riders

A device that sent messages over long distances using wires and electricity
a) Railroad
b) Telegraph
c) Cellular Data
d) Carrier Pigeon

What did the Transcontinental Railroad do?
a) connected the east coast and the west coast
b) connected the United States to Canada
c) Went right to the Gold Mines
d) helped people escape slavery

Famous Lakota leader who has a monument being built for him in South Dakota.
a) Sitting Bull
b) Geronimo
c) Crazy Horse
d) Sacagawea

Famous outlaw who robbed a bank in Northfield, MN and also jumped his horse across a huge gulch.
a) Jesse James
b) Frank Fames
c) James Yang
d) Jesse Jackson

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