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Before setting up a false quantity what is the first thing we should check?
a) The notes on the order
b) The tracking
c) The time to see if its past the cutoff
d) The customers address

If a box arrived damaged and the customer is missing items, this would be considered a ________ not a False Qty.
a) Order Issue Task
b) Return Issue Task
c) Damage in Transit RGA
d) Incomplete SKU RGA

A customer was supposed to receive their order 3 days ago and when you check the tracking it states delivered. This wouldn't be a false quantity but instead a __________.
a) Lost Package task
b) Damage in Transit RGA
c) Incomplete SKU
d) Warehouse task

When a customer is overshipped on one item and undershipped on another, this is known as a ___________.
a) Sneaky False Quantity
b) Sly Incomplete SKU
c) Silly Damage in Transit RGA
d) Sneaky Mis-ship

A customer received quantity 50 of SKU: PXSTCL050 instead of qty 100. What is this considered?
a) Sneaky Misship
b) False Quantity
c) Incomplete SKU task
d) Warehouse Task

A customer ordered qty 15 of SKU: BLFF075 but only received qty 10. There was no damage sustained to the box and all items on the order were delivered. We can remedy this by creating a _________.
a) Incomplete SKU Task
b) False Quantity
c) Lost Package Task
d) None of the above

A customer purchased Qty 5 of SKU: BVT050 and Qty 10 of SKU: BVT075. What the customer received was Qty 3 of SKU: BVT050 and QTY 12 of BVT075. How is this situation considered?
a) Sneaky Misship
b) False Qty
c) Damage in Transit RGA
d) Return Issue Task

If we set up a false qty at 4pm EST/1pm PST, when will the replacement order ship?
a) Same day
b) 3 days
c) Next week
d) Next business day

If we need to make an additional request after a False Qty is created, how can we make sure the tasker sees this info?
a) Let your lead know
b) Make a task
c) Make a starred note on the order
d) Put in cs-support chat

If a customer wants to keep the extra material they received we can charge them for it by tagging this in the cs-support channel.
a) @paymentshelp
b) @csmanualpayments
c) @chargeforextras
d) @falseqtyreporting

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