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Contrary to what is permitted by the Constitution
a) Illegal
b) Objection
c) Unconstitutional
d) Repeal

Negotiated a treaty with the British during the French Revolution
a) John Hancock
b) Phillip Seymour
c) George Mason
d) John Jay

Which of the following was not an accomplishment of George Washington
a) The United States had a functioning federal government
b) The British were forced to leave the Northwest Territory
c) He was successful in several wars
d) The economy had improved

Outsider or someone from another country
a) Emigre
b) National
c) Native
d) Alien

First Secretary of the Treasury and leader of the Federalist Party
a) John Jay
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Laurens
d) Ethan Allen

Organized political group
a) Fraternity
b) Faction
c) Party
d) Committee

Who of the following was most against political parties
a) Henry Knox
b) John Reynolds
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) George Washington

General appointed by Washington to fight Native Americans
a) Benedict Arnold
b) Francis Marion
c) Anthony Wayne
d) George Meade

Which of the following was related to the issue of states' rights?
a) Virginia and Kentucky. Resolutions
b) XYZ Affair
c) Alien and Sedition Acts
d) Stamp Act

George Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion
a) Led to a reduction of the excise tax
b) Proved the strength of the national government
c) Confirmed the rights of individual to protest unfair laws
d) Supported the doctrine of states' rights

Activity designed to overthrow the government
a) Revolt
b) Coup
c) Insurrection
d) Sedition

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