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The disciples were amazed that Jesus was ________- in the back of the boat during a storm.
a) sleeping
b) rowing
c) praying
d) reading

Angels carried ______________ to Paradise.
a) Lazarus
b) the rich man
c) the rich young ruler
d) Judas

The short, tree-climbing tax collector from Jericho was _______________.
a) Zacchaeus
b) Judas
c) Bartimaeus
d) the nobleman's son

The woman from Bethany who poured expansive perfume on Jesus was __________.
a) Mary
b) Martha
c) Elizabeth
d) Anna

The Jews celebrated the feast of the ______________ to remember how God had led their ancestors out of Egypt.
a) Passover
b) Communion
c) Pentecost
d) Easter

To set an example for serving others, Jesus washed the disciples' __________.
a) feet
b) hair
c) hands
d) faces

The Sanhedrin paid Judas __________ to betray Jesus.
a) 30 pieces of silver
b) 20 pieces of gold
c) 40 pieces of brass
d) 50 pieces of copper

The Sanhedrin convicted Jesus of the crime of ___________ because He claimed to be God.
a) blasphemy
b) robbery
c) treason
d) murder

As Jesus was being crucified, He prayed, "Father, _________ them, for they know not what they do."
a) forgive
b) judge
c) curse
d) kill

How is leprosy like sin?
a) all of the answers
b) it is unclean, it separates, and it leads to death
c) it is uncurable except by a miracle from God
d) it starts small and grows

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