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Balance describes how artists:
a) keep from tipping their easels over
b) use colors and line
c) create visual weight.
d) use texture and space

Symmetrical (formal) balance means both sides of an imaginary line are the same. An example of an object with symmetrical bal
a) rhombus
b) a cloud
c) a valentines heart
d) lightning bolt

Asymmetrical (informal) balance means each side of an imaginary line are __________ yet equal.
a) invisible
b) different
c) the same
d) curved

Unity is the feeling that everything in the work of art works together and looks like it ________.
a) has texture
b) fits
c) colorful
d) round

By repeating lines, colors or shapes over and over again in a work of art, an artist can create visual rhythms or patterns that lead your eye through their work. ____________ is an example of repetition.
a) $#@ $#@ $#@
b) @#$ %^ *()
c) ? /., -!
d) #$%$*())

Harmony in visual design means all parts of the artwork relate to and complement each other. Harmony pulls the pieces of a visual image __________.
a) apart
b) together
c) around each other
d) over the edge

Artists can create the illusion of movement in their artwork by using diagonal lines, by changing the direction or value (lightness or darkness) of an image or by overlapping shapes. An artist might use techniques of movement to show:
a) a bucking horse.
b) the Statue of Liberty.
c) a rock
d) a sleeping dog

Artists use variety to make you look at certain parts of their work or to make their work more interesting. Variety occurs when an artist creates something that looks different from the rest of the artwork. Which is not an example of variety?
a) a white cat in a rose bed at breakfast
b) an orange cat on a blue quilt at noon
c) a black cat in a coal bin at midnight
d) a fat cat in a sport coat at Mardi Gras

Artists use emphasis to make certain parts of their work stand out and grab your attention. The center of interest or _________________ is the place the artist draws your eye to first.
a) focal point
b) movement
c) pencil marks
d) compass point

Artists may choose _____________ to create a soft look
a) bold lines
b) low contrast
c) bold colors
d) a kitten

Proportion is the size, location and amount of one thing compared to another. By studying proportions you can create a(n) _____________________.
a) spatter painting
b) realistic portrait
c) abstract design
d) abstract portrait

Complementary colors also have high contrast. An artists might paint a red apple on a green table:
a) to create a Christmas card.
b) to camouflage the apple.
c) to make the apple stand out.
d) because she was hungry.

Contrast creates excitement and interest in artworks. Two things that are very different have a lot of contrast. In art ______________________ have the greatest contrast
a) shape and space
b) watercolor and acrylic paint
c) color and line
d) black and white

Radial balance means lines or shapes grow from a center point. These are examples of radial balance:
a) cloud and lightning bolt
b) sunburst and a pizza
c) heart and rhombus
d) oval and an egg

Which of the following is the contrasting color for purple:
a) blue
b) pink
c) green
d) yellow

If an artist choses to paint white butterflies white butterflies all over a canvas, and then they add one purple butterfly, which principle have they created:
a) pattern
b) movement
c) emphasis
d) color

Which of the following is the contrasting color for orange:
a) blue
b) yellow
c) green
d) purple

f a painting has brush strokes that seem to be leading in the same direction, it most like utilizes _________ the most.
a) emphasis
b) movement
c) proportion
d) texture

If the artist is trying to create a perspective drawing, which principle will they utilize the most:
a) movement
b) harmony
c) unity
d) proportion

Which of the following is not a type of balance used in art:
a) assymetrical
b) symetrical
c) radial
d) unity

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