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A Simple Revision Of Basic Cell Concepts. Choose The Most Accurate Answer. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

All living things are made up of
a) Air
b) Cells
c) Blood
d) Chloroplasts

Animal Cells contain
a) Chloroplasts
b) Cell Walls
c) Organelles
d) Viruses

Viruses are not true cells but they do contain
a) Nucleus
b) Membrane
c) Cytoplasm
d) Nucleic Acid

These cells have a membrane around their nucleus
a) Prokaryote
b) Eukaryote
c) Ribosome
d) Protista

The sap in a cell is stored in
a) vacuole
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) membrane

Chloroplasts do what exactly?
a) digest food molecules
b) enable plants to create their own food
c) reinforce the cell wall
d) store cell waste

An electron Microscope
a) is bigger than a light microscope
b) has a mirror to reflect light
c) can magnify objects many times more than a light microscope
d) can magnify objects many times less than a light microscope

Most cells contain
a) a nucleus, a cell membrane and a cytoplasm
b) a chloroplast, a cell membrane and a cytoplasm
c) a nucleus, a vaculoe and a cell wall
d) a nucleus,a cell membrane and stomata

Which of the following belongs to the Prokayotae/Monera Kingdom
a) Onion Cell
b) Human Cheek Cell
c) Paramecium
d) Nerve Cell

Which is the smallest?
a) Trachea Cells
b) Human Blood Cells
c) Onion Epidermal Cell
d) Influenza Virus

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