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Old Stone Age Unit 1-Chapter 1-National Geographic Textbook. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

People who lived during the Paleolithic were nomads, this means ?
a) a) they moved from place to place
b) b) they lived in permenant villages
c) c) they farmed

People who lived during the Paleolithic era got food by
a) a) Agriculture
b) b) Hunting and Gathering
c) c) Domestication of Animals

The Paleolithic Era is also known as the
a) a) The New Stone Age
b) b) The Old Stone Age

Which of the following describes a hominid?
a) a) An early ancestor of humans
b) b) A fishhook
c) c) A tool
d) d) A collection of ancient artifacts

What is the scientific name for modern humans?
a) a) Australopithecus
b) b) Homo Erectus
c) c) Homo habilis
d) d) Homo Sapiens

During the period of prehistory, people developed the ability to
a) a) hunt alone
b) b) write
c) c) use fire
d) d) make tools of iron

This is the continent in which humans are believed to have originated on
a) a) Europe
b) b) Africa
c) c) Asia
d) d) North America

Why do we think cave paintings were made?
a) a) to decorate the caves
b) b) to scare off animals
c) c) to teach children
d) d) to instruct how to hunt and/or religious reason

What do we call natural materials that people need and value?
a) a) artifacts
b) b) resources
c) c) landforms
d) d) regions

Which of the following is NOT an artifact?
a) a) tools
b) b) weapons
c) c) jewelry
d) d) bone of an animal

Which tool would NOT be found during the Stone Age?
a) a) bone needle
b) b) stone hand axe
c) c) wooden spear
d) d) metal tipped arrow

Which of these is a benefit of the invention of fire?
a) a.scaring away predators
b) food
c) c. seeing at night
d) d. all of the above

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