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What does RTI stand for?
a) Response To Intervention
b) Responding To Information
c) Response To Individual
d) Reading The Information

A student who has dyscalculia would need help in what area?
a) Reading and writing
b) Mathematics
c) Science
d) History

Are learning disabilities caused by poor teaching and a lack of motivation?
a) Yes, those have been proven to cause learning disabilities
b) No, only a lack of motivation is the cause
c) No, only poor teaching is the cause
d) No, studies have shown that is not the cause

What is NOT a practical tool to improve parent communication and interaction between school and home?
a) Giving a monthly newsletter about what we are learning
b) Communicating through an app about emergencies/sudden changes
c) Giving helpful feedback to the student's families
d) Only communicating when necessary with the families of the students

What do accommodations change?
a) Who we teach
b) Why we teach
c) What we teach
d) How we teach

Modifications change what?
a) How we teach
b) What we teach
c) Why we teach
d) Who we teach

What does CBM stand for?
a) Calculation-Based Measurement
b) Curriculum-Biased Measurement
c) Content-Based Measurement
d) Culturally-Biased Measurement

Why is CBM important?
a) It reduces cultural bias and guides the teacher to know if instruction is effective
b) It helps reduce anxiety in students
c) It increases the school's income
d) It helps the families of the students know how to help their child(ren) with learning

Which is NOT a right guaranteed by IDEA?
a) Friendly peers
b) LRE (Least Restrictive Environment)
c) Free and Appropriate Education
d) An individualized Education Plan

Is Early Intervention mandated by law?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I do not know
d) Depends on the school

What does Prosocial mean?
a) Liking to socialize
b) Socializing more than average
c) Desirable ways of behaving
d) Proactive, positive behavior interventions, systematic support

What is the difference between a disability and a handicap?
a) None - they are the same
b) Disability - a disadvantage imposed on an individual. Handicap - A diminished capacity to perform a specific way.
c) We did not learn about this
d) Disability - a diminished capacity to perform a specific way. Handicap - a disadvantage imposed on an individual

What does Manifestation Determination mean?
a) Cannot expel a student for any behavior if they have a disability
b) Cannot expel a student for behavior attributed to the disability
c) Can only expel a student for behavior attributed to the disability
d) Cannot expel a student for behavior not attributed to the disability

What is true about ASD?
a) It affects females more than males
b) It is not a spectrum disorder
c) There is a major difference in communication between the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain
d) People with ASD do not use executive functioning well

What does TBI stand for?
a) Tragic Brain Injury
b) Traumatic Bone Injury
c) Traumatic Brain Injury
d) Technological Brain Injury

Which is NOT an educational program?
b) ASL
d) PRT

What is NOT a kind of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
a) Verbal communication
b) Gestures
c) Body Language
d) Facial Expressions

What does RTI do for students?
a) Helps struggling students through a tiered process
b) Helps students through scaffolding
c) Only helps students with math difficulties
d) Only helps students with learning disabilities

What is something children with ADHD have a harder time doing/understanding?
a) Mathematics
b) Using their imagination
c) Making friends
d) Reading books

Which is NOT a sub-type of ADHD?
a) Inattentive
b) Combination
c) Hyperactive-impulsive
d) Hyperattentive

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