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Unit 6 (SSUSH11, SSUSH12). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

John D. Rockefeller created a monopoly in __________... while Andrew Carnegie formed a monopoly in __________.
a) the oil industry; the steel industry
b) railroads; food production
c) telegraphs; telephones
d) whale oil; the electric light bulb

After completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, how did farmers and ranchers influence the West?
a) They brought new techniques for farming and ranching.
b) They worked with the Plains Indians to create reservations.
c) They attempted to enslave the American Indians living in the West.
d) They were protective of the environment and causes no long-term damage.

Angel Island was the site of an immigration station that mainly processed individuals from:
a) eastern Asia
b) northern Africa
c) Great Britain and France
d) Australia and New Zealand

New York Harbor was home to __________... while San Francisco was the location of __________.
a) Ellis Island; Angel Island
b) the Knights of Labor; the American Federation of Labor
c) Rikers Island; the Plains Indians
d) Standard Oil; the Carnegie Steel Company

Beginning in the 1880s, most immigrants to the U.S. arrived from:
a) southern and eastern Europe
b) Spain and Portugal
c) sub-Saharan Africa
d) Mexico, Chile, and Argentina

What was the significance of the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890?
a) It was the last major conflict between the American Indians and the U.S. Army.
b) Sitting Bull was killed during the battle... which caused the Plains Indians to initiate a war with the United States.
c) American Indians were no longer allowed to vote in federal elections.
d) Over 1,000 American soldiers were killed by the Plains Indians.

Established in 1869... what was the first major labor union in the United States?
a) the Knights of Labor
b) the American Federation of Labor
c) the Committee of Industrial Organization
d) the Industrial Workers of the World

Unlike the Knights of Labor, which dissolved after a few years... the American Federation of Labor:
a) was only for skilled workers
b) was controlled by the U.S. government
c) was illegal in most states
d) did not use labor strikes

One major reason why the steel and oil industries were so profitable during the late 1800s was because:
a) of the expansion of railroads
b) of the impacts of labor unions
c) the U.S. government took control of both industries
d) European businesses were distracted by World War I

Beginning in the late 1800s, many labor unions were able to gain concessions for workers. However, the effectiveness of labor unions decreased during:
a) the Great Depression
b) the rise of big business
c) World War I
d) the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad

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