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How much energy does a secondary consumer get from a producer?
a) 1%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 40%

What is the correct order of animals in a food pyramid from product to tertiary consumer?
a) grass, bug, frog, eagle
b) bug, frog, eagle, grass
c) eagle, frog, grass, bug
d) eagle, frog, grass, bug

A plants is also known as a
a) producer
b) consumer
c) weasel
d) quaternary consumer

How much energy does a primary consumer get from a producer?
a) 1%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 30%

What is the distinct difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
a) prokaryotes have a nucleus and eukaryotes do not
b) prokaryotes are in plants and eukaryotes are in animals
c) eukaryotes are in plants and prokaryotes are in animals
d) eukaryotes have a nucleus and prokaryotes do not

Why are viruses considered nonliving?
a) They make people sick
b) they host other bacteria
c) They cannot reproduce on their own
d) they don't drink any water

What is the monomer for Nucleic acids
a) nucleotides
b) monosaccharides
c) amino acids
d) fatty acids

What are the polymers for carbohydrates?
b) sugars and starches
c) fats and oils
d) meats and enzymes

Which type of osmosis causes the cell to burst?
a) hypotonic
b) hypertonic
c) isotonic
d) plasmotonic

Which of the following has a monomer of glycogen or monosaccharides?
a) carbohydrates
b) proteins
c) lipids
d) nucleic acids

What process reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
a) nitrification
b) photosynthesis
c) phosphorylation
d) cellular respiration

The nitrogen cycle follows roughly the same pattern in underwater environments as in terrestrial environments. How would the nitrogen cycle be disrupted if humans dumped extremely high amounts of animal waste into freshwater lakes?
a) The nitrates in the water would decrease, causing the fish to die
b) the nitrates in the water would increase, causing algal blooms to form
c) the nitrates in the water would decrease, then increase, causing bacteria to dissolve
d) the nitrates in the water would remain constant, causing the nitrogen to increase

How does a plant take in nitrogen?
a) Takes in nitrates that are received from other plants
b) a plant takes nitrates from bacteria
c) a plant takes in nitrogen as captured directly from the atmosphere
d) a plant takes in nitrogen as ammonium

Which action would decrease the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide?
a) Planting more trees
b) increasing factory emissions
c) driving more gas-powered cars
d) creating more farms for livestock

What are the reactants in photosynthesis
a) glucose and oxygen
b) carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
c) carbon dioxide and oxygen
d) glucose and carbon dioxide

What plant structure contains chlorophyll
a) chloroplasts
b) cell membrane
c) mitochondria
d) ribosomes

During cell ______, we get energy to perform life functions
a) respiration
b) diffusion
c) photosynthesis
d) endocytosis

movement of molecules from high concentration to lower concentration
a) active transport
b) diffusion
c) exocytosis
d) endocytosis

process where water is allowed to pass through a membrane
a) active transport
b) fermentation
c) respiration
d) osmosis

Word meaning that only certain materials are allowed to pass through
a) cellular permeable
b) seldom permeable
c) semipermeable
d) never permeable

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