U.S. History - Unit 6 (SSUSH12ab) Question Preview (ID: 60641)

The Transcontinental Railroad AND Farming And Ranching In The West. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The Transcontinental Railroad finally connected in:
a) Promontory Point
b) San Francisco
c) Denver
d) St. Louis

What was the importance of the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) The East and West were now efficiently connected.
b) It helped the Indians build more reservations.
c) The U.S. was finally able to trade with European nations.
d) ####

The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad was only possible from...
a) immigrant labor
b) grants given by Congress
c) African-Americans who left the South
d) good weather conditions

At first, builders of the Transcontinental Railroad were:
a) immigrants from Europe
b) poor Southerners
c) from Central and South America
d) ####

The group most responsible for building the Transcontinental Railroad was:
a) the Chinese
b) the Koreans
c) the Japanese
d) the Irish

Many low-cost parcels were available to buy in the American West from:
a) the railroad companies
b) Congress
c) mining companies
d) state legislatures

Farming in the West became easier due to:
a) new plows and scientific methods for farming
b) droughts
c) the elimination of the Plains Indians
d) ####

The open-range system included:
a) cattle freely roaming the West
b) enclosing ranches with barbed wire
c) innovations in growing wheat and corn
d) ####

During cattle round-ups, the cattle were usually driven by:
a) cowboys
b) the Plains Indians
c) ranchers
d) farmers

What prompted the end of the open-range system?
a) the invention of barbed wire
b) the introduction of scientific methods for farming
c) World War I
d) treaties with the Plains Indians

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