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"It is volcanic. This is probably why it has no trees." What is the best way to combine these sentences without changing the meaning?
a) It is probably volcanic because it has no trees.
b) It is volcanic and this is probably why it has no trees.
c) It is volcanic and has no trees and this is probably why.
d) It is volcanic, which is probably why it has no trees.

To their surprise, they were greeted by hundreds of mammoth stone statues lining the shores. How should you change "To their surprise," to make the sentence the most dramatic?
a) Much to their surprise,
b) To their great surprise,
c) To their utter amazement,
d) Suddenly,

For an early society to have made these enormous figures with only stone tools was an amazing feat in itself. What is the correct way to spell "feat?"
a) feet
b) fete
c) feite
d) Leave as is.

She could see the value of pep rallies for football games; for example, she wanted other sports, clubs, and organizations. Here, "; for example" is not the correct way. What is?
a) , and
b) , or
c) ; since
d) ; instead

She did this task by writing and lecturing across the country. What is the most accurate replacement for "did" in this sentence?
a) done
b) centered on
c) looked at
d) accomplished

Researchers have learned that teens routinely fall asleep and wake up later than adults. What would convey the same meaning as the word "routinely?"
a) normally
b) occasionally
c) always
d) randomly

If you walk up the street and take a left, I believe you will find it. What is the correct way to write "left, I believe"?
a) left I believe
b) left I believe,
c) left, I, believe
d) Leave as is.

Found deep underwater most of the world’s glowing creatures are. What is the correct way to write this sentence?
a) Most of the world’s glowing creatures are found deep underwater.
b) Deep underwater found are most of the world’s glowing creatures.
c) Deep underwater are found most of the world’s creatures, glowing.
d) Leave as is.

Violetta cooked the spaghetti, Gino made the salad, and I prepared the soup. How is this sentence best written?
a) Violetta cooked the spaghetti, Gino the salad, and I preparing the soup.
b) Violetta cooked the spaghetti, Gino makes the salad, and I the soup.
c) Violetta cooked the spaghetti, Gino making the salad, and I prepare the soup.
d) Leave as is.

I can’t go to the party tomorrow night because I’m work on my report all evening. How is "I'm work" best written?
a) I work
b) I’ll be working
c) I’ve worked
d) Leave as is.

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