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When did Paul's dad get into sports?
a) Playing football as a kid
b) When Erik became good at kicking a football
c) When Paul grew stronger as a goalie in soccer
d) after he got married

Shortly after moving, what difference does Paul wonder if he will make?
a) If he will change the football season for Lake Windsor high
b) If he will change the civil engineering department in Tangerine County
c) If he will make a difference between his friends back home
d) If he will make a difference between winning and losing for the middle school soccer team

When Paul and his mom smell smoke and think their house is on fire, what is the actual cause of the smoke?
a) A neighbor's house is on fire.
b) The muck fires are burning.
c) They are burning down the citrus trees.
d) The neighbor's are burning trash.

In which part of the plot do we find the sink hole causing damage to the school which allows Paul to switch schools from Lake Windsor Downs Middle School to Tangerine Middle?
a) Resolution
b) Rising Action
c) Exposition
d) Falling Action

Who is the antagonist in the novel?
a) Erik
b) Paul
c) Joey
d) Antoine

What is the name of the housing development into which the Fisher family moves?
a) The Villages at Versailles
b) Tangerine
c) Lake Windsor Downs
d) Twin Pines

According to Paul, what is his dad's favorite topic?
a) The Erik Fisher Sports Dream
b) The Erik Fisher Soccer Dream
c) The Erik Fisher Football Dream
d) Tangerines

During the exposition of the plot, to where do we find out Paul is moving?
a) Texas
b) New York
c) California
d) Florida

As the family is moving and they head further south into Tangerine County, what do they see?
a) Skyscrapers being built.
b) The biggest school the narrator has ever seen.
c) Kids playing soccer.
d) Rows and rows of citrus trees.

What is the point of view of the novel?
a) 3rd person, omniscient
b) 1st person
c) 2nd person
d) 3rd person, limited

Who is the narrator of the novel?
a) Koi
b) Erik
c) Mike
d) Paul

On Paul's second day of kindergarten, what did Erik tell his friends about what happened to Paul

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