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Which digits are most important when determining that 8,654 is greater than 8,646?
a) Ones, because the 6 in 8,646 is greater than the 4 in 8,654.
b) Thousands, because both numbers are about equal.
c) Hundreds, because the 6 in 8,654 is equal to the 6 in 8,646
d) Tens, because the 5 in 8,654 is greater than the 4 in 8,646.

Which of the following is another way to write three, thousand eighty-seven
a) 3,000+800+80+7
b) 300+800+7
c) 3,000+80+7
d) 300+80+7

Which number goes in the space to make the number sentence true? 8+9+3 = 3+_+8
a) 3
b) 0
c) 8
d) 9

Josh counted crickets in his backyard for three days. His counts were 99, 57, 124. Which is the best estimate of the total count for the three days?
a) 280
b) 380
c) 220
d) 300

Jessica arranged the following numbers to make a four-digit number with the GREATEST value, 5 8 6 2 She used each number only one time. Which number did she make?
a) 2,682
b) 8,562
c) 8,652
d) 6,852

The school gym has 725 seats. but only 450 students came to the MCT2 meeting. About how many seats were empty during the MCT2 meeting?
a) 200
b) 400
c) 280
d) 300

Mary Beth wants to put 16 cookies on a pan. Which of the following is one way she can arrange the cookies?
a) 8 rows of 3
b) 2 rows of 8
c) 8 rows of 8
d) 4 rows of 4

A teacher counted books in groups of 4. Which of the following shows only the numbers the teacher counts?
a) 4, 8,12, 17, 24
b) 4, 5, 8, 10, 15
c) 4, 8, 12, 16, 20
d) 4, 9, 13, 18, 24

Which property is represented by the following number sentence? 52 + 0 = 52
a) Commutative Property of Addition
b) Distributive Property
c) Identity Property of Addition
d) Associative Property of Addition

Which of the following describes an octagon?
a) A shape with four angles
b) A shape with six angles
c) A shape with three angles
d) A shape with eight angles

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