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Which of the following would you NOT look at to identify a mineral?
a) Color
b) Streak
c) Luster
d) Size

All of the following are minerals EXCEPT ____.
a) Salt
b) Quartz
c) Sugar
d) Talc

What will need to happen first in order for granite to become sedimentary rock?
a) Weathering
b) Erosion
c) Deposition
d) Condensation

Sedimentary rocks are usually classified as_________________.
a) Intrusive and Extrusive
b) Foliated and Non-Foliated
c) Clastic, Chemical and Organic
d) Weathered and Eroded

The rock cycle indicates that each type of rock can_______________.
a) Change into another type
b) Only stay the same.
c) Can become a mineral
d) Talk

The changes that take place in the rock cycle_________.
a) Create Matter
b) Destroy matter
c) Don't create destroy matter
d) Creates and Destroys matter

A classification of metamorphic rocks would include whether they are_______________.
a) Clastic and Non-Clastic
b) Intrusive and Extrusive
c) Foliated and Non Foliated
d) Chemical and Organic

Lava that cools quickly forms___________ rocks.
a) Intrusive Metamorphic
b) Intrusive Igneous
c) Extrusive Metamorphic
d) Extrusive Igneous

The processes involved in the rock cycle include all of the following except_________.
a) Evaporation
b) Melting
c) Compaction
d) Weathering

Foliated rocks are distinguished by_________
a) Pores
b) Layers
c) Large shapes
d) Colors

Magma that cools below Earth's surface forms __________________
a) Intrusive Igneous
b) Extrusive Igneous
c) Intusive Metamorphic
d) Extrusive Metamorphic.

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