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Most of the income for Saudi Arabia comes from
a) machine parts
b) crops
c) oil
d) gold

Saudi Arabia wants to _________________.
a) only sell oil for their economy.
b) diversify their economy.
c) not trade with any one
d) sell desalted water.

Saudi Arabia has spent billions
a) on getting less sand in their country.
b) on shipping areas
c) on airports
d) on irrigation and desalination plants

a) private businesses run by citizens
b) another term for oil companies
c) a way for the Saudi Kings to control their economy
d) another term for currency

Saudi Arabia leans towards a ____________ economy
a) traditional
b) command
c) market
d) muslim

Saudi Arabia is an
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) autocracy
d) parliamentary

Saudi Arabia's constiution
a) was written by Muhamad
b) was written in 2019
c) does not exist
d) is 18 pages long

voting age in Saudi Arabia
a) 18
b) 21
c) 17
d) 20

Saudi Arabia's Judicial System has a
a) High court
b) no courts at all
c) supreme court
d) the court of Abba Abwa

Saudi Arabia has a ____________leading their country
a) president
b) king
c) prime minister
d) mayor

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