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Find the sentence that contains a word that is not spelled correctly.
a) That big mug of cofee spilled on my new carpet!
b) Ted is not going to the basketball game tonight.
c) The club meeting will be at Tim's house tomorrow.
d) Jerry and Jamie are playing with the new puppies today.

Find the sentence with no misspelled words.
a) Grandma Willow sent me some monie in a card with a falling down barn on it.
b) My Grandma Willow lives in a big yellow house with a big rooster in her yard.
c) She grows red, yelow, and green peppers as well as green lima beans.
d) She reads scary storys, and she makes funny faces.

Choose the sentence below that contains a misspelled word.
a) A tour guide led us along the banks of the Chunky River.
b) Above us rose an awesome waterfall!
c) The biggest surprize of all was that we enjoyed ourselves at Dunn's Falls.
d) A waterwheel turned above the falls that had been built many years ago to grind grain.

Find the sentence below that has no spelling errors.
a) At the end of the basball game, the team with the most points wins the game.
b) If the bater hits the ball, he must run around all the bases.
c) The rules of baseball are eazy to follow.
d) Touching home plate will score a point if you make it around all of the bases.

Choose the misspelled word in the following sentence. Baseball is a great Amercan passtime.
a) Baseball
b) great
c) Amercan
d) passtime

Find the sentence below that does not have any spelling errors.
a) To sum up, the bus driver cannot solve this problem alone; we have to help.
b) To sum up, leaving the buses as they are know would be a foolish thing to do.
c) To sum up, assigned seats would talke care of many problems on our buses.
d) To sum up, the buses will be even more unplesant to ride.

Choose the misspelled word in the following sentence. The sweet, big, cripsy apple crunched loudly as I took a huge bite.
a) crunched
b) cripsy
c) loudly
d) sweet

Find the sentence below that does not have any spelling errors.
a) An independant clause is also known as a sentence.
b) A compoound sentence is made up of two independent clauses and a comma before a conjunction.
c) A dependent clause is also called a fragmet.
d) A comples sentence is made up of a dependent clause attached to a independent clause.

Find the sentence below that contains a misspelled word.
a) Maners are polite actions and words towards others.
b) Using manners shows respect to your classmates.
c) Caring about the feelings of others is important.
d) When you have great news, you want to share it.

Choose the sentence below that contains a word spelled incorrectly.
a) Aunt Cathy is taking care of us this weekend because my parents are going out of town.
b) The delicious smell of the baking cookies lured us into the kitchen for one straight from the oven.
c) My freinds have traveled to the mountains every summer for the past ten years.
d) During the gentle spring shower, Alisha watched the rain drip from the roof.

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