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This person was the leader of a squad that developed and pushed for the 1906 pure food and drug act. Who? What Squad?
a) Louis Pasteur and Food Drug Squad
b) Harvey Wiley and Poison Squad
c) Harvey Wiley and Food Squad
d) Louis Pasteur and Poison Squad

What is the primary use of benzoic acid?
a) fertilizer
b) to achieve the required pH of a product
c) preservatives
d) to influence the taste and flavour

True or false: Benzoic acid has low toxicity and as established by the World Health Organization (WHO), stating it would take 5mg/kg of body weight for it to have a negative impact
a) False
b) True

What is active packaging?
a) Antifungustic effectiveness of benzoic acid
b) A homogeneous with the base polymer that uses a sustainable solvent
c) Correlation to the health impact including gut health
d) A system that is justified by formulas or batch data

Benzoic acid can be used in which of the following ways?
a) Can be used in antifungal cream
b) As a food preservative
c) Used to mimic snow in snow globes
d) All of the above

Where can benzoic acid be found naturally?
a) In strawberries
b) In cinnamon
c) In thyme
d) All of the above

What does GRAS stand for?
a) Greatly reassured as safe
b) Good reasoning and safety
c) Generally recognized as safe
d) Great results and success

What are the optimal pH levels for benzoic acid to most effective as a food preservative?
a) Neutral pH levels
b) Low pH levels
c) High pH levels
d) Benzoic acid does not work well in pH levels

In the podcast episode, we talked about the pKa level of benzoic acid. What is the pKa of benzoic acid?
a) 4.0
b) 3.2
c) 3.6
d) 4.2

What is NOT a common food containing benzoic acid?
a) Salads
b) Carbonated Beverages
c) Mashed Potatoes
d) Condiments

What are the future research opportunities of benzoic acid in humans?
a) Gut health including the function of digestion, absorption, and barriers
b) Brain function
c) Feed conversion rates to increase body weight, reduce pathogens colonization and maintain pH levels
d) Skin reactions and absorption of what occurs after consumption of benzoic acids

Which one is NOT a part of the uses of benzoic acids?
a) Polymer Coatings
b) Vitamin Coatings
c) Polymer Coatings
d) Active Packaging

True or False: Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are Not Safe but fall under GRAS.
a) False
b) True

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