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If you shake a jar of different types of sand, but they are the same size and shape, they will form into layers. WHY?
a) Each type of sand has a different density.
b) Each type of sand has a different color.
c) Each type of sand has a different volume
d) Each type of sand has a different texture.

As a river flows into a lake, it deposits material it is carrying by size. The order it will deposit the material is?
a) Rocks, Gravel, Sand, Silt and Clay.
b) Gravel, Sand, Rocks, Clay and Silt.
c) Clay, Silt Rocks, Gravel and Sand.
d) Rocks, Clay, Silt , Sand and Gravel.

Cork floats in water because?
a) Its density is less then 1 g/ml.
b) Its density is greater then 1 g/ml.
c) It is made of wood.
d) Cork does not float in water.

particles can sort into layers in water by?
a) All of the above
b) Size
c) Shape
d) Density

A helium party balloon floats in air because?
a) The helium and balloon together have a density less then that of air.
b) The helium and balloon together have a density more then that of air.
c) They are magic balloons.
d) Helium makes you talk funny.

Panning for gold works because gold is _____________ than Sand and Gravel.
a) Less dense
b) More dense
c) smaller
d) flatter

A liquid found to have a Mass of 75 grams and a volume of 100 ml, has a density of?
a) .75 g/ml
b) 75 g/ml
c) 7.5 g/ml
d) 1 g/ml

Some dry stream beds you only find rocks, gravel and sand, and no silt or clay? Why are these sized particles missing?
a) The water was flowing to fast to deposit these smaller particles?
b) Sand and clay were deposted upstream.
c) Clay floats so floated downstream.
d) Streams have to have water in them.

Why do some types of plastic float in water and other types sink?
a) Only the plastic less dense then the water will float.
b) All plastic will sink if it is heavy enough.
c) All plastic will float if the piece is small enough.
d) Depends on the temperature of the water.

What tools do you need to caluculate the density of a liquid?
a) Graduated Cylinder and a Balance
b) A balance and a scale
c) A ruler and microscope
d) A ruler is all you need.

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