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What was not one of the terms of the Point No Point Treaty of 1855?
a) The territorial government allowed hunting and fishing on their traditional lands.
b) The S’Klallam tribe ceded all rights to their land.
c) The territorial government gave the S’Klallams $60,000 over five years.
d) The S'Klallam tribe had to live amongst the settlers or neighboring tribes

A condition of the treaties with Indigenous tribes was that tribes would have
a) resources and services they might need.
b) the right to continue fishing and hunting all lands freely.
c) the right to vote in Washington's elections
d) sixty thousand dollars per acre for land they lost to every tribe put on a reservation

Why did settlers arriving in Washington continue to push into Indigenous lands?
a) to establish missions
b) to expand the size of tribal lands
c) to organize mining operations
d) to establish farms

What did tribes agree to do under the conditions of treaties?
a) give up land and confine themselves to the reservation
b) confine themselves to the reservation, but not give up land
c) pay taxes to the territorial government for use of the land
d) give all the fish they caught in their nets to the Washingtonians

To avoid conflict in moving Indigenous groups to reservations, the federal government pursued
a) treaties
b) forced moves
c) them with NASCAR cars
d) laws.

When reservations were established, Indigenous tribes were granted the right to...
a) govern themselves.
b) start casinos with a Fat Burger in them earn money from casinos
c) live their lives the way they wanted to still
d) earn money from casinos

What did the US government require of Indigenous people after reservations were created?
a) The government required Indigenous people to stay confined to their land.
b) The government required Indigenous people to work to work their land.
c) The government required Indigenous people to work the settlers’ land.
d) The government required Indigenous people to install a Starbucks on every reservation.

Which was a result of the first Indian Appropriations Act?
a) It forced Indigenous groups to live on land set aside, called reservations.
b) It gave money to Indigenous groups to go shopping at the Spokane Valley Mall
c) it gave money to missions to spread Christianity to Indigenous groups.
d) It force tribal school children to behave appropriately

What happened to Washington when Oregon became a state?
a) it became more independent and in need of government
b) Washington became part of Canada
c) it earned a spot in the finals of American Idol in 1862 season
d) it became part of Oregon

Which was US/British boundary dispute over?
a) San Juan Islands
b) Vancouver Island
c) Oregon
d) Who got tax $ from Amazon

During the one hundred years following the original treaties between the US government and Indigenous tribes, treaties...
a) were often broken or ignored.
b) were the best thing that ever happened to the Indigenous People
c) mandated that a new fast food restaurant be built every 10 years on the reservations
d) successfully prevented conflict.

In what way are the Stevens treaties still legal agreements today?
a) Tribal fishing and hunting rights must still be respected.
b) Farmers in Washington farm all the reservation ground because it was so fertile.
c) The digital slot machines from the 1862 casinos still work today
d) Tribes are still receiving money for giving up their land.

Where did Governor Isaac Stevens choose the Capital of Washington to be located?
a) Olympia
b) Tumwater
c) Seattle
d) Spokane

Where is Washington's southern border?
a) North of the Columbia River
b) South of Mexico
c) North of Canada
d) South of the Pacific Ocean

When the Oregon Territory was originally split into two, the Washington Territory also consisted of which territory?
a) Idaho
b) Oregon
c) California
d) Vancouver Island

What is north of Washington's northern border?
a) Canada
b) Oregon
c) Idaho
d) Mexico

What is the best definition of border as it applies to history?
a) the boudary line between two countries or state
b) a person who provides a place to stay
c) a person who is bored
d) a person who slides down a mountain on a board

What is the definition of confine?
a) to keep someone or something in a specific area
b) to put two things together
c) to be unclear or unsure of something
d) a machine that harvests

What is a treaty?
a) an agreement between two groups
b) a special snack or prize you get after a T-Ball game
c) A doctor who treats people
d) land set aside for Indigenous groups

What does cede mean?
a) To give up power and authority over something, such as land
b) To plant something like a seed
c) to read something on audio book
d) to read something from a treaty

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