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What tools do you need to measure the mass of an object?
a) Balance
b) Microscope
c) Triple Beam Balance
d) Graduated Cylinder

What tool should you use to measure the volume of an object?
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Microscope
c) Treiple Beam Balance
d) Scale

What tool should you use to calculate the volume of a cube.
a) Ruler
b) Balance
c) Scale
d) Microscope

If you wanted to find the volume of your own body, which experiment would be most successful in finding out your bodies volume?
a) Get into a tank of water and find out how much water you displace.
b) Use a scale and find out your weight.
c) Use a balance to find out your mass.
d) Measure how tall and round you are.

Why do things float in water?
a) Because they are less dense then water.
b) Because they are made of wood.
c) Because they are more dense then water.
d) Because they are made of air.

What tools would you need to calucate the density of a rock?
a) Graduated Cylinder and Balance
b) Ruler and Balance
c) Scale and Ruler
d) Triple Beam Balance and Microscope

Why does oil float on water?
a) Oil is less dense the water.
b) Oil is more dense then water.
c) Oil hates water and stays away from it.
d) Oil mixes well with water.

What is the formula to calculate density?
a) D=M/V
b) D=V/M
c) V=DM
d) D=MV

If a rock has the mass of 10g and the volume of 2ml, its density is?
a) 5 g/ml
b) 10 g/ml
c) 2 g/ml
d) .5 g/ml

If a liquid has a volume of 10ml and a mass of 10g. Its density is?
a) 1 g/ml
b) .1 g/ml
c) 10 g/ml
d) 2 g/ml

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