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Which of the following tests would help you find out if a diamond in a ring was a real diamond or a fake?
a) Scatch it across a glass
b) look closely at the cut
c) feel it with your fingers
d) wear it and see if it sparkles

Two white minerals are observed to have the same color streak. Can you conclude that hte two samples are the same?
a) Yes, two characteristics are enough to identify a mineral
b) Yes, streak is a very important mineral test.
c) No, more tests need to be done.
d) No, streak and color are not ways to identify minerals

Which of the following processes are required in the formation of all metamorphic rock?
a) heating hte rock until it melts
b) erosion of weathered materials
c) deposition and mineral cementing
d) Heat and pressure but not melting

Which assumption must scientists make about the rock cycle?
a) igneous rocks cannot change into other rocks because they are already changed.
b) rocks are formed in Earth's center and rise to the crust to form the soil.
c) igneous rocks form in colcanoes and then erode to form metamorphic rocks.
d) rocks in ancient times weathered, eroded and deposited as they do today.

Shark fossils where found on top of a mountain. This evidence suggests which of the following about this place?
a) It was once below a waterfall.
b) It was once part of a riverbed.
c) It was once covered by an ocean.
d) It was once near a freshwater lake.

Which of the following best describes how volcanos transfer energy?
a) Heat and mechanical energy are transferred as magma flows from a volcano.
b) Volcanoes gather heat from the sun and give it off as light and sound.
c) Volcanoes carry heat from the surface to the deep interior of Earth.
d) Magma produced by a volcano can carry heat but not energy.

Which of the following processes are required in the formation of all igneous rock?
a) Complete melting
b) Erosion
c) Deposition
d) Compaction

A home is built on several known earthquake faults. After it is built, the owner is told the home connot be lived in or resold. Why was this the case?
a) Homes are not part of most scientific investigations.
b) People know that scientists are usually wrong so they don't listen.
c) Earthquakes faults are often inactive so the danger is really very small.
d) People often overlook information that they don't like or doesn't save money.

What evidence do we see that energy from the earth's interior has reached the surface?
a) large trees
b) volcanoes and earthquakes
c) the grand canyon
d) the global winds

What evidence do scientists have that supports the idea that Earth's surface has changed over time?
a) fossils of rainforest plants in areas that are deserts today.
b) rocks that came from outer space
c) modern plants and animals that look like ancient organisms
d) climates in some places on Earth that are different than other places.

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