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Which of these is an herbivore?
a) bird
b) turtle
c) cattail
d) snail

Which of the following is a carnivore?
a) worm
b) crane
c) tadpole
d) grass

Which of these is NOT an abiotic factor?
a) light
b) water
c) insects
d) soil

All the living things in an ecosystem are called...
a) biotic factors.
b) decomposers.
c) scavengers
d) abiotic factors.

The most important factors used to distinguish different biomes on earth are temperature and...
a) wind.
b) precipitation.
c) latitude.
d) altitude.

Which of the following biomes is characterized by dry soil and little precipitation?
a) grassland
b) rainforest
c) tundra
d) desert

An animal species that has changed over the years to become better suited to its habitat indicates...
a) evolutionary adaptation.
b) that there are no longer any plants in the biome.
c) that all the animals are bigger.
d) changes in hibernation and migration.

The grass in a certain habitat is dying because of a drought. What prediction can you make about the grasshopper population in the area?
a) It will increase.
b) There is no telling what will happen.
c) It will stay the same.
d) It will decrease.

If the plants in an environment die off, which of the following will NOT be affected?
a) temperature
b) omnivores
c) scavengers
d) predators

Which food chain properly illustrates the relationship between producers, consumers, and decomposers?
a) sunlight - lettuce - rabbit - fox - bacteria
b) fox - rabbit - lettuce - bacteria - sunlight
c) bacteria - fox - rabbit - sunlight - lettuce
d) lettuce - sunlight - bacteria - rabbit - fox

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