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Which of the following best explains what occurs when erosion takes place?
a) Soil wears away the land around it.
b) Gravity creates a landslide
c) New landforms build in other places.
d) Soil is carried away.

Which of the following is a rapid process that changes the surface of Earth?
a) the eruption of a volcano
b) beach erosion
c) the weathering of mountains
d) sedimentary rock formation

Which of the following is a slow process that changes the surface of the Earth?
a) landslides
b) earthquakes
c) volcanic eruptions
d) weathering

Dinosaurs and the remains of plants and other animals resulted in which of the following resources?
a) water
b) oxygen
c) oil
d) trees

Soil is composed of ________________.
a) organic matter produced by organisms
b) fragments of bedrock
c) clay minerals formed by the chemical alteration of bedrock
d) all of these

Which of the following statements about weathering is false?
a) rocks of different compositions weather at different rates
b) heat and heavy rainfall increase the rate of chemical weathering
c) the presence of soil slows down the weathering of the underlying bedrock
d) the longer a rock is exposed at the surface, the more weathered it becomes

Which process caused the river valley to form?
a) evaporation
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) condensation

Which resource is formed by the action of heat and pressure?
a) coal
b) wind
c) trees
d) the Sun

Which process is first in the formation of sedimentary rock?
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) weathering
d) heat and pressure

Which is a source for future fossil fuels?
a) aquifers
b) minerals
c) chemicals
d) sea organisms

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