Marine Bio 3 Question Preview (ID: 604)

Ecosystems Part 3. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

close living association between two species
a) inter specific competition
b) symbiosis
c) habitiat
d) aphotic

the rate of photosynthesis of the producers in n ecosystem
a) ecology
b) commensalism
c) primary producitivity
d) carbon fixation

the conversion of inorganic carbon into organic carbon substances
a) carbon fixation
b) photosynthesis
c) ecology
d) consumption

the conversion of CO2, water and energy into organic material and O2
a) carbon fixation
b) photosynthesis
c) productivity
d) ecology

deep ocean trench zone
a) pelagic
b) abyss
c) benthic
d) haldal

zone where continental shelp drops
a) bathyal
b) benthic
c) pelagic
d) abyssal

grams of organic carbon fixed by photosynthesis under a sq. meter of sea per day
a) primary productivity
b) carbon fixation
c) habitat
d) ecology

the zone above inter tidal zone
a) splash spray
b) inner shelf
c) outer shelf
d) haldal

organism that swim against the current
a) tropic
b) netric
c) plankton
d) nekton

hetertrophs that feed on autotrophs
a) primary producers
b) pelagic
c) consumer
d) autotrophs

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