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Which of the following statements is not true of minerals?
a) They are naturally occuring.
b) They come from a once living organism .
c) They have a definite chemical composition.
d) They are solid.

The terms metallic and nonmetallic are used to describe which physical property?
a) Luster
b) Fracture
c) Color
d) Hardness

Which of the following is not used to test the hardness of a mineral?
a) Penny
b) Window Glass
c) Unglazed Ceramic Plate
d) Fingernail

On Moh’s hardness scale Diamond has a relative hardness of 10. This means that
a) Diamond is the softest mineral.
b) Diamond can be scratched with talc.
c) Diamond is in the middle of the hardness scale.
d) Diamond is the hardest mineral.

You can identify a mineral as long as you know one of it\'s physical properties. (example: color)
a) True
d) False

You can identify a minerals streak by testing it with
a) HCl
b) Glass
c) Unglazed Ceramic Tile
d) Magnets

A mineral is not a rock
a) True
d) False

The three types of rocks are
a) mineral, rock, sediment
b) igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic
c) mineral, sediment, igneous
d) sedimentary, igneous, magma

Rock that forms when magma cools and solidifies is called
a) igneous
b) mineral
c) sedimentary
d) metamorphic

Rock that forms from other rocks as a result of intense heat, pressure, or chemical processes
a) sedimentary
b) rock
c) igneous
d) metamorphic

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