Social Studies Chapter 3 Pt 1 Question Preview (ID: 60364)

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a system of government that is run by the people
a) democracy
b) representative democracy
c) monarchy
d) dictatorship

a geographic area in which people have certain traits in common
a) cultural region
b) dialect
c) ethnic group
d) culture

a regional variety of language with unique features, such as vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation
a) dialect
b) cultural region
c) ethnic group
d) culture

a group of people with a common racial, national, tribal, religious, or cultural background
a) ethnic group
b) dialect
c) culture
d) cultural region

the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by a group of people
a) culture
b) ethnic group
c) dialect
d) megalopolis

a huge city or cluster of cities with an extremely large population
a) megalopolis
b) urbanization
c) refugees
d) immigrate

happens when cities grow larger and spread into surrounding areas
a) urbanization
b) megalopolis
c) emigrate
d) immigrate

people who flee a country because of violence, war, or persecution
a) refugee
b) immigrate
c) emigrate
d) population

to enter and live in a new country
a) immigrate
b) refugee
c) emigrate
d) migration

to leave one's home to live in another place
a) emigration
b) immigration
c) refugee
d) migration

another word for cities
a) urban
b) rural
c) population
d) culture

another word for country
a) rural
b) urban
c) population
d) immigrate

the average number of people living within a square mile or a square kilometer
a) population density
b) population distribution
c) rural
d) urban

the geographic pattern of where people live on Earth
a) population distribution
b) population density
c) rural
d) urban

the number of years it takes a population to double in size based on its current growth rate
a) doubling time
b) population density
c) birth rate
d) death rate

the number of deaths over a given period of time
a) death rate
b) birth rate
c) doubling time
d) emigrate

the number of offspring born during a given period of time
a) birth rate
b) death rate
c) population
d) population density

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