Social Studies Chapter 3 Pt 2 Question Preview (ID: 60363)

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a form of government in which one person has absolute power to rule and control the government, the people, and the economy
a) dictatorship
b) monarchy
c) representative democracy
d) democracy

the rights that belong to all individuals
a) human rights
b) globalization
c) monarchy
d) democracy

the process by which nations, cultures, and economies become integrated or mixed
a) globalization
b) human rights
c) cultural region
d) culture group

a type of money
a) currency
b) free trade
c) sustainability
d) import

the economic principle by which a country works to create conditions where all the natural resources for meeting the needs of society are available
a) sustainability
b) free trade
c) nonrenewable resources
d) renewable resources

arrangement where a group of countries decides to set little or no tariffs on quotas
a) free trade
b) currency
c) sustainability
d) traditional economy

to send to another country
a) export
b) import
c) sustainability
d) free trade

bring in a product from another country
a) import
b) export
c) free trade
d) currency

a measurement of what is produced and what is required to produce it
a) productivity
b) standard of living
c) gross domestic product (GDP)
d) currency

the level at which a person, a group, or a nation lives as measured by the extent to which it meets its needs
a) standard of living
b) productivity
c) export
d) import

the total dollar value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a single year
a) gross domestic product (GDP)
b) standard of living
c) productivity
d) export

type of economy in which parts of the economy are privately owned and parts are owned by the government
a) mixed economy
b) command economy
c) traditional economy
d) market economy

type of economy where means of production of publicly owned and are controlled by a central governing authority
a) command economy
b) market economy
c) traditional economy
d) mixed economy

type of economic system where means of production of production are privately owned
a) market economy
b) traditional economy
c) command economy
d) mixed economy

type of economy where resources are distributed mainly through families
a) traditional economy
b) market economy
c) command economy
d) mixed economy

how a society decides on the ownership and distribution of its economic resources
a) economic system
b) traditional economy
c) market economy
d) command economy

cannot be totally replaced. once consumed, they are gone
a) nonrenewable resources
b) renewable resources
c) standard of living
d) traditional economy

resources that can be totally replaced or are always available naturally
a) renewable resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) economic system
d) sustainability

form of government that is ruled by a king or queen
a) monarchy
b) dictatorship
c) representative democracy
d) democracy

a form of democracy in which citizens elect government officials to represent the people
a) representative democracy
b) monarchy
c) dictatorship
d) democracy

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