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Plant growth forms that generally occupy a given area is called ______________.
a) Vegetation
b) Weathering
c) Root Pry
d) Lichen

Chemical weathering where oxygen reacts with iron in rocks causing rust is called __________.
a) Plant Acid
b) Carbonation
c) Oxidation
d) Abrasion

Mechanical weathering where rocks peel into sheets from changes in temperature is called _____________.
a) Exfoliation
b) Abrasion
c) Root Pry
d) Oxidation

Which of the following landforms are created the carbonation?
a) Deltas
b) Canyons
c) Rolling Plains
d) Caves/Sinkholes

Which of these landforms are created near the Gulf Coast Prairie.
a) Canyons
b) Deltas
c) Caves/Sink holes
d) Enchanted Rocks

What caused canyons to form over many years?
a) Valley
b) Water
c) Plants
d) Deposition

Which of the following ecoregions is Round Rock, Tx located in?
a) Edward's Plateau
b) Gulf Coast Marshes Parishes
c) Coastal Sand Plain
d) Oak Wood Prairies

Water getting into cracks, freezing, and breaking the rocks or pavement apart.
a) Deposition
b) Erosion
c) Fault
d) Weathering

What is an Ecoregion?
a) A large ecosystem characterize by only climate.
b) A small habitat within a larger ecosystem.
c) A major ecosystem with distinctive geography, characteristic plants and animals.
d) One of the six biomes found across the world.

Settling of particles or sediment carried by wind, water, or ice is called _____________.
a) Erosion
b) Abrasion
c) Weathering
d) Deposition

The map shows the various ecoregions of Texas. Which ecoregion is most vulnerable to wind erosion from hurricanes originating in the Gulf of Mexico?
a) Post Oak Savannah
b) Edwards Plateau
c) Blackland Prairies
d) Gulf Prairies and Marshes

High rains cause the flow in a river to increase. The increase in the river’s flow will most likely have which of the following effects on the environment?
a) The path of the river will become more crooked.
b) The banks of the river will experience increased erosion.
c) The river will deposit less material onto its delta.
d) The river will dry out completely in a few days.

The Blackland Prairie ecoregion of Texas has many exposed boulders that are smooth and rounded. What feature of this area caused the boulders to take on these characteristics?
a) Moving glaciers
b) Wave and current actions
c) Wind-blown sand and rain
d) Deep and rapid rivers

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