U.S. History - Unit 4 (SSUSH8b) Question Preview (ID: 60344)

Manifest Destiny. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Who coined the concept of Manifest Destiny?
a) John L. O'Sullivan
b) James K. Polk
c) Henry Clay
d) Frederick Douglass

Manifest Destiny was the idea that Americans were allowed to:
a) expand westward across North America
b) transport American Indians to Oklahoma
c) send immigrants back to Europe
d) directly vote for president

Due to better plows and harvesters... which group of settlers made much money as they moved west?
a) farmers
b) politicians
c) merchants
d) American Indians

As Texas was being annexed, it was determined that it would be admitted as:
a) a slave state
b) a free state
c) ###
d) ####

Who did the Democrats nominate for president prior to the Election of 1844?
a) James K. Polk
b) Henry Clay
c) Martin van Buren
d) Andrew Jackson

'Fifty-four Forty or Fight' was used by James K. Polk when discussing:
a) the Oregon Territory
b) the annexation of Texas
c) California
d) the Arkansas Territory

Who did James K. Polk defeat in the Election of 1844?
a) Henry Clay
b) John Tyler
c) Zachary Taylor
d) Stephen Douglas

Texas was annexed by the U.S. upon:
a) the inauguration of James K. Polk
b) the end of the Mexican War
c) the signing of the Constitution
d) ####

Eventually, James K. Polk negotiated a deal with the British that:
a) divided Oregon in half
b) gave all of Oregon to the British
c) gave all of Oregon to the U.S.
d) ####

Which group of Americans was opposed to the annexation of Texas?
a) Northerners
b) Southerners
c) ###
d) ####

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