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This amendment ended Prohibition
a) 13
b) 15
c) 18
d) 21

He developed a way of using the assembly line to make Model-T automobiles
a) Eugene Debs
b) Henry Ford
c) Thomas Edison
d) Louis Armstrong

He developed 14 points for world peace
a) William McKinley
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Franz Ferdinand
d) Woodrow Wilson

Fear of Communist influence
a) Jazz
b) Great Depression
c) Red Scare
d) Great Migration

He developed the League of Nations
a) Franz Ferdinand
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Eugene Debs
d) William McKinley

President during WW1
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Eugene Debs

This amendment outlawed the sell, use, or consumption of alcohol
a) 13
b) 15
c) 18
d) 21

This was written by Germany, asking for a Mexican alliance and bringing the US into WW1.
a) The de Lome Letter
b) Treaty of Paris 1783
c) Zimmerman note
d) Espionage Act

Spain was blamed for destroying this US warship off the coast of Cuba, leading to the Spanish American war.
a) USS Spain
b) Lusitania
c) USS Arizona
d) The Titanic

The U.S. gained all of the following territory from the war with Spain except
a) Cuba
b) Philippines
c) Guam
d) Puerto Rico

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